What is Healing? 

Healing is the channelling of 'universal energy' through individuals who are able to link into the energy and allow it to flow through them into another person.  

It can work on many levels: - 

  • Physical, 
  • Emotional, 
  • Mental, 
  • Spiritual

Healing is very relaxing bringing balance and harmony.  

Healing is natural and non-intrusive.  It helps with the stresses and strains of modern day living.  Healing is a complementary therapy and is now becoming more widely accepted by the medical professions.

What you may feel: -

You may feel the energy as a warmth, coolness or slight pleasant vibration.  This can bring a wonderful sense of inner balance, calm and peace with the channelling of universal unconditional love.

Please note:-

All our healers hold to a Code of Conduct which includes the following:

  • they do not comment on 'medical diagnosis, treatment or advice'. 
  • they do not offer a 'cure'.
  • they treat each person as an individual and any information provided is treated in the strictest confidence.
  • they are 'non-judgemental' and everyone is welcome whatever their beliefs.

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