Monday Healing Clinic

Our Monday Healing Clinic is now open on a 30 minute appointment system ONLY.

The first available appointments will commence at 06:45 pm and the last appointment time will be 07.45 pm.  

Only 2 patients will be treated within each half hour period.  If all the places are already filled at your desired time, you may be offered an alternative appointment, if one is available.

To book an appointment please phone 01278 459904 or text 07811294200. 

In Order to comply with Covid-19 Regulations we have put the following measures in place:-

1.  Under the Government Covid-19 regulations both you and the healer will be required to wear masks or some form of face covering for the time you are in the Healing Centre.  

2.   Your temperature will be taken prior to your entry into the Healing Clinic.  If it is too high, we regret you be refused entry.

3.  The healing offered - hands off ONLY.

4.  There must be no socialising before or after Healing.  Please follow the Social Distancing regulations.

5.  If you want to drink water during the time you are at healing, you will need to bring your own.  

6.  Under the NHS Track and Trace we will need to take your name and contact number.  (These details will only be kept for 21 days and will then be shredded.)

7.  The Government Regulations are subject to change and this website will be amended accordingly.

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